Crystal Bee Supply 

Essex County Honey Company 


  Crystal Bee Supply has been trucking and selling package bees for over 30 years. We have multiple pick up dates in the spring for your convenience. Call with any questions or come by the store. To order the 3 lb bee packages : call 978 535 1622 or send payment to CRYSTAL BEE SUPPLY  18 lake st. Peabody Ma. 01960.  The 3 lb package of bees cost $155 from Georgia and $175 from California. The shipment dates:

                         Shipment #1 Pick up dates April 4-5                         

                                                              Shipment #2 Pick up dates Apr 11-12 California Bees                                                                                                    Shipment #3 Pick up dates Apr 18-19                                                               Shipment #4 Pick up dates Apr 25-26

   Shipment #5 Pick up dates May 16-17 


                                                                  BEE PACKAGE ORDER FORM                                                                                                                        NAME                                                 



                     Shipment # or Date 

             # of Packages 

Call 978 970 5563 if you have any questions about the 2020 Bee Packages. The Packages of Bees must be picked up at Crytsal Bee Supply in Peabody on the scheduled pick up dates. Dates may change due to the weather. Monitor the website for pick up times. All Bee Package cancelations must be at least 30 days before pick up date.